Darenth Valley Radio Society
It began with the discovery of radio waves and the individuals like Hertz, Tesla and Marconi. Keen on understanding more about the science, others began to follow their experiments; this was the beginning of amateur radio. Many Radio Amateurs today still experiment with new communication technology, though this can often now involve computer software in the communication. You do not need a licence to listen to radio amateurs, if if you want to talk back to them on the amateur radio frequencies, then a licence to transmit is a legal requirement. How do I get a licence? You need to attend a training course at a registered training establishment. There are three types of licence; Foundation, Intermediate and Full. The first licence you must obtain is the Foundation. This licence lets you transmit up to 10 Watts. The next licence is the Intermediate. This licence lets you transmit up to 50 Watts. Once you have the Intermediate you can study for a Full licence and transmit up to 400W. It is possible to go from Foundation to a Full licence in a year or less. More information can be found on our Training page.
What is Amateur Radio ?